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Прожектор [userpic]

Музыка-2013: Топ Альбомов Года

December 31st, 2013 (01:18 pm)
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Меньше слов - больше дела! В этом году вышло Топ-3 альбома, наиболее четко отражающих меня образца 2013 года, как мне кажется: это тяжелая, но интересная Саброза, интровертный и минималистичный Козелек/ЛаВалль и темновнутришный, но сладкий Дэйлайт. Рецензии на эти пластинки я постил раньше, кому интересно - поищите ;)

1. Subrosa - More Constant than the Gods

2. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle - Perils from the Sea

3. Daylight - Jar

А дальше вас ждут 76 крайне годных альбомов, на четыре с плюсом, 129 уверенных середняков, 120 не таких уверенных и 109 релизов, к которым я точно больше не вернусь. Итого - 437 штук, и это после жалоб на отсутствие времени и предчувствий, что слушать буду гораздо меньше!

Guapo - History of the Visitation
Gris - ...A L'Ame Enflammee, L'Ame Constellee...
Vesrepo - Droga
Ampacity - Encounter One
Esben and the Witch - Wash the Sins not only the Face
Mark Kozelek & Desertshore - s/t
Torres - TORRES
My Bloody Valentine - mbv
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away
The Fall of Every Season - Amends
Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes
Black Sabbath - 13
Bomg - Polynseeds
A Storm of Light - Nations to Flames
Corrections House - Last City Zero
Eleventh He Reaches London - Banhus
Jonathan Wilson - Fanfare
In Solitude - Sister
Ventura - Ultima Necat
Wolf People - Fain
Midlake - Antiphon
Bone - For Want of Feeling
Woe - Withdrawal
Doomriders - Grand Blood
Grizzly Bear - Shields: B-Sides
Mazzy Star - Seasons of your Day
Sea Of Bones - The Earth Wants Us Dead
Deafheaven - Sunbather
Fen - Dustwalker
Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt
David Bowie - The Next Day
Kiev - Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth
The Reign of Kindo - Play with Fire
Birds and Buildings - Multipurpose Trap
Editors - The Weight of your Love
The Drones - I See Seaweed
Caravels - Lacuna
The Cult Of Dom Keller - s/t
Snakes Versus Ropes on their Necks - Rosebud
Giles Corey - Hinterkaifeck EP
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience
Trixie Whitley - Fourth Corner
Jardin de la Croix - 187 steps to cross the Universe
Blaak Heat Shujaa - The Edge of an Era
Kongh - Sole Creation
Петля Пристрастия - Fobos
Naam - Vow
Agrimonia - Rites of Separation
Carcass - Surgical Steel
Causa Sui - Euporie Tide
Korn - The Paradigm Shift
Blindead - Absence
Hela - Broken Cross
Dead Confederate – In The Marrow
Skagos - Anarchic
Holy Mount - Alpic
Pity Sex - Feast of Love
Sigur Ros - Kveikur
Vienna Circle - Silhouette Moon
Purson - The Circle and the Blue Door
Haken - The Mountain
Leprous - Coal
Queens of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
Lee Ranaldo And The Dust - Last Night On Earth
HBS - In Deep Owl
Johnny Marr - The Messenger
Balance And Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing
Decades - s/t
Serpent Throne - Brother Lucifer
Motorpsycho - Still Life With Eggplant
East Of The Wall - Redaction Artifacts
Intronaut - Habitual Levitations
Ancient Sky - All Get Out
Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back
Suede - Bloodsports
Big Business - Battlefields Forever

The Story So Far - What You Don't See
Richard Thompson - Electric
Matt Elliott - Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart
New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Cosmic Child
Vali - Skogslandskap
Cold Comfort - Modern Crypts EP
The Grand Astoria - Punkadelia Supreme
John Murry - The Graceless Age
Manthra Dei - s/t
Monster Magnet - Last Patrol
The Warlocks - Skull Worship
Biffy Clyro - Opposites
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - Black Pudding
Kauan - Pirut
Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs
93millionmilesfromthesun - Towards the Light
Papir - Papir III
Oathbreaker - Eros/Anteros
Evile - Skull
Cultura Tres - Rezando al Miedo
Jay-Z - Magna Carta... Holy Grail
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience II
Fates Warning - Darkness In A Different Light
The Black Heart Rebellion - Har Nevo
Riverside - Shrine of the New Generation Slaves
Believe - The Warmest Sun In Winter
Ocean Chief - Sten
Talbot - Scaled
Ape Machine - Mangled by the Machine
Ulterior - The Bleach Room
Big Big Train - English Electric (Part Two)
Fire! Orchestra - Exit!
Grouper - The Man Who Died in His Boat
United Nations - Illegal UN EP
Morne - Shadows
Roy Harper - Man & Myth
Placebo - Loud Like Love
True Widow - Circumambulation
Fell Voices - Regnum Saturni
Ulcerate - Vermis
Pigs - Gaffe EP
Henry Fool - Men Singing
Monachus - Below
Daughter - If You Leave
Russian Circles - Memorial
Circle Takes the Square - Decompositions vol.I
The Ocean - Pelagial
Pyramidal - Frozen Galaxies
Weedpecker - s/t
Satan - Life Sentence
Spirits of the Dead - Rumours of a Presence
Arbouretum - Coming Out Of The Fog
Meat Puppets - Rat Farm
Bill Callahan - Dream River
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Stara Rzeka - Cien chmury nad ukrytym polem
Ducktails - The Flower Lane
Kurt Vile - Wakin on a Pretty Daze
Comedy of Errors - Fanfare & Fantasy
Dark Buddha Rising - Dakhmandal
Horse Latitudes - Black Soil
Year Of No Light - Vampyr
Low - The Invisible Way
Mourning Beloveth - Formless
Ecocide - Where Will It End
Foals - Holy Fire
Tomahawk - Oddfellows
Yo La Tengo - Fade
The Machine/Sungrazer split
The Flaming Lips - The Terror
Cyclopean - s/t EP
Dinosaur Jr - Now the Fall/Ricochet 7"
Mother Susurrus - Maahaavaa
Tropic Of Cancer - Restless Idylls
Dutch Uncles - Out of Touch in the Wild
British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy
Eels - Wonderful, Glorious
Deep Purple - Now What?!
Altar of Plagues - Teethed Glory and Injury
Museo Rosenbach - Barbarica
Ash Borer - Bloodlands
CocoRosie - Tales Of A Grass Widow
Hope Drone - s/t
Amorphis - Circle
Black Pyramid - Adversarial
Verma - Coltan
Children Of God - We Set Fire To The Sky
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Specter At The Feast
Ken Mode - Entrench
Rome - Hate Us and See If We Mind EP
Mouth Of The Architect - Dawning
Cult Of Luna - Vertikal II EP
Cough & Windhand - Reflection of the Negative
Run the Jewels - s/t
Palms - s/t
EF - Ceremonies
Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe
Earthless - From the Ages
Rosetta - The Anaesthete
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
Rival Schools - Found
Fish - Feast of Consequences
Crash Of Rhinos - Knots
Mammatus - Heady Mental
The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Whenever, If Ever
Brutus - Behind The Mountains
Kerrs Pink - Mystic Spirit
The National - Trouble Will Find Me
Tunnel Vision - Killer Moon
Walrus - s/t
Iron and Wine - Ghost On Ghost
Mord'A'Stigmata - Ansia
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito
The Kings Of Frog Island - IV
Clutch - Earth Rocker
Keaton Henson - Birthdays
Endless Heights - New Bloom
TOY - Join the Dots
The Phoenix Foundation - Fandango
Tales of Murder and Dust - Skeleton Flowers EP
Lake - The World is Real
La Maschera di Cera - Le Porte Del Domani
Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands - Tess
Summoner - Atlantian
downy - V
Armslength - Intents and Ends
Gazelle Amber Valentine - Devil's Tower I
Von Hertzen Brothers - Nine Lives
Dating - Please Be Quiet, I'm Very Interesting

Feeding Fingers - The Occupant
Stonehenge - Bunch Of Bisons
Turnover - Magnolia
City and Colour - The Hurry And The Harm
Nominee - s/t EP
The Fertility Cult - Heavenly Bodies
Mechanik - Velut Stella Splendida
Denison Witmer - s/t
Sam Amidon - s/t
O'Brother - Disillusion
Night Sins - To London Or The Lake
Ghosthouse - Patterns EP
The Grand Astoria - Deathmarch EP
Date Rape - Разрывает Сердца
Devil - Gather the Sinners
A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul To Waste
Bongripper & Conan split
Everything Is Made In China - Amber
The Cosmic Dead - Orbiting Salvation
The Cosmic Dead - Inner Sanctum
Шелест Запахов - Экспедиция в Преисподнюю
Lost World - Sola Power
All Them Witches - Lightning At The Door
Whirr - Around EP
Medicine - To The Happy Few
The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow
Yuck - Glow & Behold
Primal Scream - More Light
XNA - When We Changed You
Six Time Champion - Old Friends, Loose Ends EP
Space Debris - She's a Temple
Transit - Futures And Sutures EP
These New Puritans - Field of Reeds
Dozer - Vultures EP
Hollow Mirrors - II
Disappears - Era
Make Do And Mend/The Flatliners - 7" split
Entropia - Vesper
Golden Void - Rise to the Out of Reach/Smiling Raven 7"
Anciients - Heart Of Oak
Moon Safari - Himlabacken Vol. 1
T - Psychoanorexia
Teen - Carolina EP
Nocte Obducta - Umbriel
Melvins - Everybody Loves Sausages
Alphabet Cities - s/t EP
Toner Low - III
Elephants of Scotland - Home Away From Home
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - Mind Control
Mars Red Sky - Be My Guide EP
Breton Parks - The Cloven Ips
The Pineapple Thief - Build A World EP
Combat Astronomy - Kundalini Apocalypse
Endless Boogie - Long Island
Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside
Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
Magic Circle - s/t
Devil's Trumpet - Sundried Parrots EP
Polina/Bonehouse/Kaddish/Todos Caeran split
Blue Willa - s/t
Pissed Jeans - Honeys
Puscifer - Donkey Punch the Night EP
Jars - A Moveable Feast
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
Pure Love - Anthems
Spock's Beard - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep
Cult of Luna - Vertikal
Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance
Newsted - Metal EP
Steven Wilson - The Raven that refused to Sing
Vibravoid - Delirio Dei Sensi
Silence Kit - Sedna
Electric Moon - You Can See The Sound Of Electric Moon EP
Electric Moon - D-Tune
Black Sheep Wall - It Begins Again EP
Bardo Pond - Rise Above It All
Camera - Systeme Solaire EP
Deep Space - Cosmic Waves EP
Iceage - You're Nothing
Renaissance – Grandine Il Vento
Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise
HIM - Tears on Tape
Herd of Instinct - Conjure
Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Descension
Cosmograf - The Man Left In Space
Spiritual Beggars - Earth Blues
Jungbluth - Part Ache
Pombagira - Maleficia Lamiah
Grails - Black Tar Prophecies (4-5-6)
It Hugs Back - Recommended Record
James Blake - Overgrown
June Paik - s/t
Bardo Pond - Peace on Venus
Vista Chino - Peace
The Bellicose Minds - The Spine
Starving Daughters - We Were Eggs
Willowglass - The Dream Harbour
The Devil's Blood - III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven
Four Tet - 0181
Young Galaxy - Ultramarine
The Flight of Sleipnir - Saga
Nosound - Afterthoughts
Moving Mountains - s/t
Hexvessel - The Iron March EP
Year Of No Light - Tocsin
Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting For The Flood
Dead Meadow - Warble Womb
Nemo - Le Ver dans le Fruit
Postures - s/t
Ataraxie - Letre Et La Nausee
Manic Street Preachers - Rewind the Film
Osada Vida - Particles
Kingcrow - In Crescendo
The Reptilian - Low Health
Red Fang - Whales and Leeches
Blood Ceremony - The Eldritch Dark
Mudhoney - Vanishing Point
Neco Case - The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You
Airbag - The Greatest Show On Earth
L`Albero Del Veleno - Le Radici Del Male

AFI - Burials
Caravan - Paradise Filter
Deerhunter - Monomania
Hammock - Oblivion Hymns
Locktender - Kafka
Falkenbach - Asa
Parlour Flames - s/t
Savages - Silence Yourself
Totem Skin - Still Waters Run Deep
UK Decay - New Hope for the Dead
William Tyler - Impossible Truth
Заводь - Through The Circle And Five Angles
Sundial - Bleed
The Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessing
Light Bearer - Silver Tongue
Subterranean Masquerade - Home EP
Cold Season - s/t EP
Lifesigns - s/t
The Men - New Moon
Mogwai - Les Revenants
Follakzoid - II
Pere Ubu - Lady From Shanghai
Zemfira - Жить в твоей голове
A Place to Bury Strangers - Strange Moon EP
Paysage d'Hiver - Das Tor
October Tide - Tunnel of no Light
Kadavar - Abra Kadavar
Orchid - The Mouths Of Madness
Ghost - Infestissumam
Tyler, The Creator - Wolf
The Body - Master, We Perish EP
Terra Tenebrosa - The Purging
Apple Pie - The Gates of Never
Zavod' - Ritual
The Men - Campfire Songs EP
Chelsea Light Moving - s/t
Devendra Banhart - Mala
The Knife - Shaking the Habitual
Moss - Horrible Night
Grave Disgrace - Triumphant & Militant Church
Progenie Terrestre Pura - U.M.A.
High Priest of Saturn - s/t
Across Tundras - Electric Relics
Cultes des Ghoules - Henbane
Dottie Danger - Ramenje EP
Taipuva Luotisuora - 8
Iggy and The Stooges - Ready to Die
David Lynch - The Big Dream
Domadora - Tibetian Monk
Cathedral - The Last Spire
Suuns - Images Du Futur
Time of Defeats - Wasteland EP
Birds Of Maya - Celebration
The Flower Kings - Desolation Rose
Twitching Tongues - In Love There Is No Law
Kayo Dot - Hubardo
Rhun - Fanfare Du Chaos
Teeth Of The Sea - Master
Weekend - Jinx
Days Between Stations - In Extremis
Pan American - Cloud Room, Glass Room
White Hills - So you are... so you'll be
Amplifier - Sunriders EP
Amplifier - Echo Street
Kanye West - Yeezus
The Twenty Committee - A Lifeblood Psalm
Terror - Live By the Code
Red Sand - Cinema du Vieux Cartier
Interlaken - The Haunt
Plaga - Magia Gwiezdnej Entropii
Volcano Choir - Repave
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - White People And The Damage Done
Killsong - He is Risen
Kultura Kurenia - Nekrofilia
The Tangent - Le Sacre du Travail
Dream Theater - s/t
Oxhuitza - s/t
Fuzz - s/t
Windhand - Soma
Votum - Harvest Moon
Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin
Ducktails - Wish Hotel EP
Candy Claws - Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
Pixies - EP1
Fleurs du Mal - And I can Suffer Crying Blood
Vagrond - Temporal
Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are
Purling Hiss - Water on Mars
Occultist - Death Sigilis
The Gathering - Afterwords
I Was Afraid - No Love
Papir meets Electric Moon - The Papermoon Sessions
Obits - Bed And Bugs
Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu
MGMT - s/t
Title Fight - Be A Toy EP
Chris - Days Of Summer Gone
Kinski - Cosy Moments
The Doppelgangaz - Hark
Lumbar - The First and Last Days of Unwelcome
Lizard - Master & M
Dear Seattle - Words Are Often Useless
Distance - No Funeral 7"
Brotherhood - The Dark
Fright Pig - Out Of The Barnyard
The Dead Souls – Night
Laviantica - Clessidra
Матушка-Гусыня - Mestopolojenie

Уже в 2014 я, наверное, нарушу традицию не трогать ЖЖ аж до весны и напишу о своих открытиях-2013. А пока с наступающим и всех благ :*


Posted by: Опять надо жить (tial)
Posted at: January 1st, 2014 10:37 am (UTC)

Спасибо огромное за ваши интереснейшие и полезнейшие обозры. С новым годом))))

Posted by: Прожектор (prog_jester)
Posted at: January 1st, 2014 07:57 pm (UTC)

всегда пожалуйста! и вас с наступившим)

Posted by: nutthugger (nerveshatter)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2014 01:07 pm (UTC)

бля ну зачем тебе корн так высоко, это же просто смешно, лично меня на половину первой песни хватило, дальше я просто покатился на землю от абсурда мне не подсильного

Posted by: Прожектор (prog_jester)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2014 01:58 pm (UTC)

он жеж охуенный. Говорю как человек, начавший слушать Корн 5 месяцев назад

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